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- Encourage cross-cultural understanding to create new value -

IBA has provided business and manner training and seminars to more than 1,000 companies and schools. In recent years, with an eye on the further globalisation of Japan, we have established a Global Division. We develop and provide a range of global services, including seminars on foreign cultures, Japanese business culture training and cross-cultural communication training.

Our Services

Japanese Business Culture training

Learn Japanese Business etiquettes and other aspects of Japan’s unique business culture to reduce communication gaps and deepen mutual understanding

Cross-cultural communication training

Learn how to communicate with people from different cultures, languages, values and customs to communicate smoothly and facilitate the communication.

Presentation Course

Learn  the way to use of  PowerPoint, eye contact, and body language, to improve their presentation skills and acquire presentation skills that can be used abroad.

Interpretation and translation (French)

Interpretation for events and seminars and translation services in French in order to promote understanding among the Japanese people.

Promoting cross-cultural understanding

We define intercultural understanding as “understanding and respecting the behaviour, beliefs and customs of people from different cultures and backgrounds”. We promote intercultural understanding and strengthen the following three points through each of our global services in order to create new value.

Strengthening language skills

In the Japanese market, the Japanese language alone is sufficient to cover all aspects of the market, so there are few opportunities for people to feel the need or desire to learn a foreign language. However, from the perspective of increasing international competitiveness and global work, it will be essential to learn more than one language, including English, in the future.

Strengthening cross-cultural understanding

In recent decades, Japan has welcomed many foreign tourists, students and workers. However, Japan tends to have a strong culture within its own country and is not good at cross-cultural communication. We believe that a more diverse and synergistic society can be built by deepening cross-cultural understanding.

Strengthening the global mindset

It is said that more than 97% of people living in Japan are Japanese, which means that many people do not know how to interact with foreigners in the first place. Strengthening a global mindset will prepare you for the global stage by enabling you to understand different cultures and interact with a diverse range of people.

Our Works

05/12/2023 (Tue)

We worked as a Japanese-French interpreter at the seminar “Women’s Activity Promotion Seminar – Diversity Issues in Japanese Companies from the Perspective of Female Managers” organized by Chubu Economic Federation and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of France.

Message from the Global Division

Today’s world is increasingly globalised, with people, information, goods and services being exchanged across borders. Globalisation has led to an increase in international challenges, making cooperation and collaboration with other countries increasingly important. Increasing interdependence in economic, environmental, social and cultural fields makes cooperation and exchange with the international community essential. Communication and mutual understanding with people from different cultures and backgrounds is also important in today’s world, where diversity is emphasised. There is a need to be open to diverse perspectives and values, not just those of a single country or culture.


We hope that each of our global services will help you to look at diversity in your business and deepen your cross-cultural understanding. I would like to know more about services for the international market. I would like to know more about case studies and training programmes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests, such as if you would like to discuss training.

Global Division Leader

Born in Japan. Moved to Paris after graduating from elementary school. Lived in Paris for 12 years.Studied at a local French junior high and high school. Learned native French and French culture in a real French environment. Multilingual in French, English, Spanish, and Japanese. After obtaining the baccalaureate degree, went on to study at the Sorbonne University. With 12 years of experience in French culture, arts, and diversity, I hope to connects the world in a borderless way.

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